4431-01-0 Lyphar Supply 1% Ligustilide Angelica sinensis Extract

Type:Herbal Extract
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Packaging:DRUM, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed
Place of Origin:Hebei,China
Brand Name:HBLD
Model Number:HBLD4431-01-0
Appearance:brown yellow Powder
Product Name:Ligustilide



Product Name:  Ligustilide Angelica sinensis Extract

Part used: Root

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Specification: 1% Ligustilide

CAS NO: 4431-01-0

Molecular Formula: C12H14O2

Molecular Weight: 190.24

In Asia,  the reputation of angelica sinensis is perhaps second only to ginseng. This product is extracted with edible ethanol, which has strong pharmacological effects on the cardiovascular system, circulatory system and immune function. Studies have shown that ligustilide has strong antispasmodic and antiasthmatic effects, can improve microcirculation, relax smooth muscle, inhibit bacteria, and improve the body’s immune regulation function.


1. Liver protecting
2. Improve blood circulation and treat anemia
3. Promote balance and purify genital tract
4. Enhancing immunity
5. Have mild effect of analgesic, can improve sleep
6. Anti-aging and remove chloasma
7. Antioxidant and eliminating free radicals and able to improve uterine contractions
8. Used in essence and flavor