Cas 68-19-9 Best Vitamin B12 Sources CAS 68-19-9 Cyanocobalamine Vitamin B12

CAS No.:68-19-9
Other Names:cyanocobalamin
EINECS No.:200-680-0
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Type:Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals, Vitamins
Grade Standard:Medicine Grade
Usage:Animal Pharmaceuticals
Brand Name:HBLD
Model Number:HBLD68-19-9
Product Name:Vitamin B12

Best Vitamin B12 Sources CAS 68-19-9 Cyanocobalamine Vitamin B12

Product Name:
Vitamin b12
Medicine, Food and Feed Grade
CAS No.:
Dark red powder
Vitamin B12, abbreviated as VB12, is also called cobalamin, one of the B vitamins, and is a type of corrin complex organic compound containing cobalt. It is the largest and most complex vitamin molecule found so far, and it is also the only vitamin that contains metal ions. Plants do not contain VB12, nor can they produce VB12. Liver is the best source of VB12, followed by milk, meat, eggs, and fish. VB12 is a coenzyme necessary for the synthesis of ribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid.


1. Medical and health care applications, mainly used to treat various VB12 deficiencies, such as: it can treat megaloblastic anemia, aplastic anemia and leukopenia, etc.; it is also used to treat arthritis, trigeminal neuralgia , Hepatitis, herpes, asthma and other allergies; VB12 can also be used to treat neuroticism, irritability, insomnia, memory loss, and depression.
2. For feed applications, VB12 can promote the growth and development of poultry and livestock, especially young poultry and young animals, and improve the utilization rate of feed protein, so it can be used as a feed additive. Treating fish eggs or fry with VB12 aqueous solution can improve the fish’s tolerance to water toxic substances such as benzene and heavy metals, and reduce mortality. Most of the VB12 produced in the world is currently used in the feed industry.
3. VB12 is compounded with other substances to be used in cosmetics; in the food industry, VB12 can be used as a colorant for ham, sausage, ice cream, fish sauce and other foods.
4. In family life, VB12 is made into soap, toothpaste, etc.; it can be used to deodorize toilets, refrigerators, etc., to eliminate the odor of sulfides and aldehydes; VB12 can also be used for common pollution of soil and surface water in environmental protection.