901758-09-6 Bodybuilding Healthy Medical Peptides peptide Powder GDF-8 cas 901758-09-6

CAS No.:901758-09-6
Other Names:GDF-8
EINECS No.:232-895-0
Place of Origin:Hebei, China

Product Name GDF-8
Packing 1box/10vials,1mg/vial
CAS No 901758-09-6
Molecular Formula C221H366N72O67S
Application Pharmaceutical raw materials
purity > 99.0%


The gene encoding myostatin was discovered in 1997 by geneticists Se-Jin Lee and Alexandra McPherron who produced a strain of mutant mice that lack the gene. These myostatin “knockout” mice have approximately twice as much muscle as normal mice. These mice were subsequently named “mighty mice”.
Naturally occurring deficiencies of myostatin have been identified in cattle by Ravi Kambadur, whippets, and humans; in each case the result is a dramatic increase in muscle mass. A mutation in the 3′ UTR of the myostatin gene in Texel sheep creates target sites for the microRNAs miR-1 and miR-206. This is likely to cause the muscular phenotype of this breed of sheep.