CAS 372-75-8 Factory price food grade citruline powder 99% l-citruline Citruline Malate

Model Number :OWENS-citruline
Purity :99%
Appearance :White Powder
CAS No.: 372-75-8
Siez: 100% Pass 80 Mesh
Sample :negotiate
Specification :COA
Test Method :HPLC UV
Package :1KG/Bag,5kg/bag,25kg/bag


Model Number OWENS-citruline
Purity 99%
Appearance White Powder
CAS No. 372-75-8
Siez 100% Pass 80 Mesh
Sample negotiate
Specification COA
Test Method HPLC UV
Package 1KG/Bag,5kg/bag,25kg/bag
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As a supplement, L-Citrulline is usually described in the context of the supplement that it compliments, L-Arginine. As a supplement the role of L-Citrulline is relatively simple. L-Citrulline is meant to be converted into L-Arginine by the body. The addition of L-Citrulline allows for there to be a greater amount of unabsorbed L-Arginine once this amino acid passes through the digestive system. L-Citrulline and L-Arginine work together to create synergy. If you are planning on using an L-Citrulline supplement in your diet, you should also be taking an L-Arginine supplement in order to obtain the desired result.

L Citrulline is an amino acid that converts to L-arginine and then nitric oxide in your bloodstream.

Nitric oxide is involved in vasodilation (or simply put, dilation of the blood vessels);

low levels have been associated with mental and physical fatigue and sexual disorders.

L-Citrulline also promotes healthier skin and immune functions, and is part of the Urea Cycle

it assists in converting ammonia to urea in your liver, which offers protection against damage and helps keep your liver functioning properly.