Lyphar Bulk Natural Brown Rice Powder

Type:Herbal Extract
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Packaging:CAN, DRUM, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed
Place of Origin:Hebei,China
Model Number:HBLD 56-12-2
Storage:Cool and dry
Product Name:4-Aminobutyric acid

4-Aminobutyric acid
 Product Name: Brown Rice Powder
CAS No. 56-12-2
Active Ingredient: Aminobutyric Acid Y-Aminobutyric Acid
Specification: 0.1%~20%

1) Brown rice Powder(GBR) is more nutritious and has higher superoxide scavenging, lipoxygenase inhibitory, and tyrosinase inhibitory activity than both brown rice and white rice, which suggests that GBR can potentially contribute to prevention of life-style related diseases and, hence,improvement of human health.


2) Brown rice Powder(GBR) also inhibits prorylendpeptidase activity leading to possible prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.


3) During germination, amounts of insoluble phenolic compounds are reduced and free phenolic acids in Brown rice Powder GBR increases significantly, thereby enhancing the functionality of Brown rice Powder(GBR).



1) To normalize blood pressure

2) To control the levels of cholesterol and fat in the blood

3) To activate the functions of the kidneys, liver and pancreas

4) To control glycemia

5) To improve blood flow to the brain and activate the metabolism of brain cells

6) To prevent obesity

7) To eliminate emotional diseases and anxiety disorders

8) To improve the after-effects of cerebral apoplexy