Brand Name: Lingding
Model Number: LDSW-29
Place of Origin: Shijiazhuang ,Hebei, China
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
Payment Terms: western union , T/T, Moneygram
Supply Ability: 5000kg ,Wthin 30 days
Delivery Time: 7-15days
Packaging Details: 500g/bag ,1kg/bag, 25kg/bag


● CAS:1617-90-9
● Color: white powder
● EINECS No.:216-576-3
● MF:C21H26N2O3
● Purity: 99%
● Application:API.

Cerebro – vascular drugs Vincamine powder 1617-90-9

Vincamine is a vasodilator and anti-ischemic that increases blood flow to the brain. Vincamine is known primarily as a vasodilator and is in general use as a treatment for dementia.
Vincamine is produced through two chemical reactions beginning with the catalytic reduction of tabersonine, an alkaloid extract of Voacanga seeds. The resulting product, vincadiformine is oxidized forming vincamine.
Vincamine is used for the prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular insufficiencies and disorders. It has been shown to be pharmacologically active in the central nervous system and in  the cardiovascular system but its activity is mainly on the vessels of the brain. Other therapeutic applications of vincamine include the treatment of tinnitus and hypertension. Vincamine dietary supplements are sold in the US as “brain nutrition” to support cerebral metabolism and cognitive function and to enhance memory and concentration.

1.Vincamine can be used for the treatment of psychological and behavioral disorders caused by aging.
2.It can also be used for acute cerebrovascular disease and traumatic brain injury syndrome treatment.
3.Ophthalmology aspects: for the treatment of ischemic retinal diseases.
4.Otology aspects: for the treatment of cochlea vestibular diseases.


Appearance: white powder Conformed
Odor: Characteristic Conformed
Taste: Characteristic Conformed
Extract Ratio: 98% Conformed
Drying Method: Spary drying Conformed
Partical Size: NLT 100% Through 80 mesh Conformed
Loss on Drying: 8.0% Max. 4.35%
Bulk Density: 40~60g/100ml. 49.5g/100ml
Total Heavy Metals: 10ppm Max. Conformed
Arsenic: 2ppm Max. Conformed
Lead: 2ppm Max. Conformed
Total plate count: 1,000cfu/g Max. Conformed
Yeast&mold: 100cfu/g Max. Conformed
E.Coli: Negative Negative
Salmonella: Negative Negative
Staphylococcus: Negative Negative